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Fight Against Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a scourge on civilized society. Dangerous criminals abduct and kidnap human beings for the purpose of resale into criminal sex rings and other vile forms of human slavery. Here in Ohio we have a serious problem. The I-90 corridor is one of the busiest human trafficking zones on EARTH. This is unacceptable. We must do something, and due to the nature of these criminals crossing state lines with their victims routinely, I believe it is the Mandate of the Federal Government to pursue them. The Federal Government has a responsibility to shut down these slave trade operations for good. I have always seen the Republican party as the anti-slavery party, I believe this to be true even to this day. That is why, as a Republican, I am committed to permanently ending the ravenous plague of human trafficking in the United States, but more importantly, in Ohio. I personally hold the belief that slave traders in 2020 are committing capital crimes and should be punished as such.

These slavers are taking Americans, but also people from other countries, and smuggling them in and out of nations to their buyers. Girls are being taken from their families, lured into traps masking as job interviews or parties. We need a comprehensive, robust law enforcement approach from the FBI and inter-agency partners to track and capture those participating in modern slavery. From the originators, to the facilitators, to the buyers, we need to catch them, put them on trial to answer for their crimes, and if convicted they should be sentenced to death. We need to send a strong message, not just to Americans, but to all these evil human traffickers the world over that we will not tolerate their activity, and they will pay for what they have done with their lives. We ended Slavery with a brutal, bloody war, we cannot let that sacrifice be in vein. We MUST end this barbaric system of human bondage immediately, for the safety and protection of our people. The United States has a moral obligation to fight against these criminal organizations and, really, to enforce our laws effectively. Senator Rob Portman campaigned on this issue in 2016, but not enough has been done. I ask that you send me to Washington D.C., I have the courage to fight this fight, and demand action. If elected, I will make it a personal mission to ensure our district is better protected from these vile creatures and prevent them from using our great state for their twisted enterprise ever again.

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